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Infinity Gin

The urban boutique gin

The Story

This is the story about my passion that I would like to share with you. I am always looking for the perfect balance between taste and style. I wanted to create a spirit that you would taste and remember forever.

Rotterdam is strikingly ‘cool’ and ‘in vogue’. I have sourced unique ingredients that would embody ‘urban flavours’, the flavours of Rotterdam. My exploration led me to Asia for some exotic botanicals.

In Asia I have found osmanthus blossom and goji berries. They have become the elegant basenotes, whilst juniper and timut pepper elevate the palate. The result is an elegant smooth Dutch gin, created in Rotterdam and distilled with the greatest craftsmanship in Schiedam. The perfect drink as a cocktail or straight.

Osmanthus blossom sounds exotic, doesn’t it? This main ingredient is still acquired personally by myself from Asia.

My name is Steven, I am ginmaker.


While being a rich blend of the purest botanicals, Infinity Gin has 4 major ingredients to distinguish ‘cool’ and ‘in vogue’ flavours: osmanthus blossom, goji berries, juniper and timut pepper. Experience the symphony of floral fragrance, a slight citrus tones, and a fresh zest.

All ingredients are carefully selected and the osmanthus blossom is handpicked, without exception, in order to produce the purest aromatic gin. After filtering, these ingredients give Infinity Gin its fresh and floral signature.

With its elegant smooth taste, Infinity Gin can be enjoyed both in cocktails or straight. It makes a great after dinner digestive, and when used in a classic dry martini, gin and tonic or nergroni, you will understand the definition of ‘Infinity’. 

Perfect Serve


After much experimentation, I have found my perfect serve: fill up a chilled balloon glass with ice cubes, add one part of Infinity Gin and three parts of soft premium tonic. 

Stir gently and garnish it with fresh goji berries and infuse it with honey. For a stronger version I suggest to garnish with lemon peel, crushed juniper and few dried red pepper berries. 

Other flavours that pair well are orange peel, black and red currants, grapefruit, lychee and light colored honey.



Infinity Gin is captured in a black ceramic clip-lock bottle. The bottle is my interpretation of Rotterdam where urban lifestyle meets one-of-a-kind architecture.

Besides providing a distinguished appearance, the bottle protects the gin from UV-light and it ensures an optimal storage climate.

Wrapped around the bottle is a soft textured black label with embossed typography in gold and red. This gives Infinity Gin that premium appearance.

Infinity Gin catches attention in any interior and definitely stands out amongst other spirits. The warm colours make it a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s day, you name it….

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Infinity Gin is your premium choice for your refined taste! You are Infinity! Would you like to taste ‘cool’ and ‘in vogue’?


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